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We built Graide while being teachers, teaching assistants, and lecturers.


We believe that education is the key to empowering individuals and society but it shouldn’t come at the expense of educator’s wellbeing. By reducing educator’s workload and increasing the amount of feedback students receive, we can liberate teachers and make quality education more accessible to all.

We built Graide while working as teaching assistants in the University of Birmingham. We learned that fully automated solutions weren’t giving the formative feedback that students needed. At the same time, traditional paper grading systems were slow to turn around, took a long time to grade, and struggled to maintain consistency.

It was important to us to build something that both educators and students found flexible and easy to use. That’s why everything we build is tested by real users and takes into account their feedback.




Manjinder Kainth, PhD
I’ve been intricately involved in teaching for many years. I have over 6 years of private tutoring experience, taught in higher education, and most recently worked on designing and delivering crash courses for a high school.
Robert Stanyon
I’m a PhD researcher in EdTech, with the subject of my research being the method diversity of student responses. I have been the lead developer for critical add-ons used by a leading EdTech product world wide.
George Bartlett
Senior Developer
I have been a question author supporting core teaching for 5 years, and have created and graded hundreds of questions. I’m someone who is invested in teaching, question designing, and programming.
Austin Tomlinson, PhD
Education Consultant
I have had a passion for teaching for as long as I can remember. After finishing my PhD, where I won a PGTA scholarship to recognise excellent teaching quality at the university, I went on to complete a PGDipEd. I am a qualified teacher. With over 8 years experience in software development and high performance computing, I have a balance of teaching and software development experience.
Jon Allen
Commercial Director
I have over 15yrs experience creating, growing and selling disruptive concepts into new markets. An experienced and entrepreneurial commercial leader with knowledge of cutting-edge sales processes aligned with solid analytical and team management skills. Outside of work, I love rugby and golf and I'm kept busy by my family of 4+1 cocker spaniel.
Lucrezia Luci
Recently specialized in Digital Marketing, I have a keen interest in social media for corporate communication. My role at 6 Bit Education spans across digital strategy and content - copywriting, social media planning, web-listening, email campaigns, and more. I also have a solid educational foundation in International Affairs, further strengthened by an advanced postgraduate research degree at the European Law and Governance School, through which I enhanced my analytical thinking, writing, and research skills.
Jon Watkins, PhD
Sales Consultant
I’m an EdTech development manager. As a result I have contacts in hundreds of higher education institutions, focusing on providing support. I know the intricacies of their needs pertaining to EdTech. With a strong background in web development and scientific programming I’m ready to change the world of education.
Prof Nicola Wilkin
Education Consultant
I’m the Director of Education, College of Engineering & Physical Sciences at the University of Birmingham. As a result, I have responsibility for the assessment requirements of 5,000 students. I’ve been recognised for teaching innovation. With hundreds of contacts in higher education institutions across the world, I know the change 6 Bit will bring to education.
Rich Mason, PhD
Machine Learning Consultant
I’m an EdTech developer creating learning material for universities around the world. With a PhD in theoretical physics, I bring a pure mathematical approach to traditionally numerically heavy areas where possible. I have industrial experience with machine learning, having developed algorithms for dozens of applications. I can’t wait to bring the power of machine learning to education.
Akhil Sarikonda
Frontend Developer
I'm a Master's student at the University of Northumbria, pursuing Advanced Computer Science, I enjoy designing and developing the front end of the software applications.
Asma Naifar
Backend Developer
I have a passion for programming and software development. I am proud to work alongside a brilliant team of professionals and to be part of the next big change in the world of education.